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Delivery Policy

If my payment method is credit card, when is my credit card charged?

Your card is charged when your order has been successfully delivered, just as how it would have been when ordering with cash on delivery. If there are any discrepancies with an order and you have paid more, the difference will be released immediately back to your card.

When will I receive my delivery?

In the cart confirmation page, you will receive an Estimated Delivery Time or maybe same will be communicated via telephone. Please note that this will not be a guaranteed delivery time for your order. Our system calculates this estimated time considering the total amount of time to process your order. This includes the time to prepare the meal, transit time to the restaurant, and transit time to the delivery address.

When placing your order, we consider these factors when calculating the Estimated Delivery Time:

  • Order Processing: The amount of time it takes for the restaurant to prepare your order. This typically takes 15 – 30 minutes. However, some orders can be prepared within 10 minutes and some may take up to 45 minutes.
  • Transit Time: The amount of time it takes the delivery personnel to pick up your order and arrive at your location.

When we receive your order for the very first time and we are ready to process it, we will attempt to contact you via the telephone number you provided on your order. At that time, we will confirm your order and provide the best estimate for the delivery (an approximate time window). Deliveries will be made as long as the restaurant is open. We will make every effort to deliver within the timeframe provided.

How to prepare for your delivery?

You will receive a confirmation email and a push notification from us stating the delivery time of your order so you can make arrangements for someone to be home when the delivery man comes by. Redelivery is not possible. If for whatever reason the delivery failed due to negligence on your part, please note the situation will be logged, and your future orders with us will be impacted.

What am I responsible for upon delivery?

Please ensure you have the total cash for your order if the chosen payment method was cash. If not, this could affect your future service with us. Examine your order upon delivery to ensure that the order received is the order that was confirmed. In the event there are missing items, please contact us at via LIVE CHAT within 48 hours of your delivery. If the order is damaged or incorrect, please retain the item(s), take a picture and contact us via LIVE CHAT within 48 hours of your delivery. If the delivery personnel leaves your premises without any complaint from you, this represents your acceptance of the order in perfect condition.

What additional fees may apply?

There may be circumstances that require additional payment by you if the conditions mentioned have not been met or you require special services outside of our standard delivery. For example, if you need a specified time window, your address is not accessible via motorcycle or you were not available for your scheduled delivery.

Can I make changes to the delivery address after I place my order?

We try not to make any changes to the delivery address once your order has been placed. Orders placed online begin processing immediately in our system to ensure order fulfillment. If the delivery address must be changed, your order will have to be canceled and then replaced. We apologize for any inconvenience.

If the delivery is late, do I get some discount?

It really depends on the circumstance. There are cases we offer a discount on the current purchase or a coupon offering a discount on the next purchase.

What locations do you deliver to?

Currently, 7Krave delivers to addresses only within Kingston and St. Andrew. However, there are varying service charges depending on the location.

Do you export?

We do not deliver or export any goods of any sort to any other country.

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